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Size: 840 sqm
Date of completion: 2015

The proposed project's vision is to provide the youth and children of Birobidzhan with Jewish values and morals that will insure their personal Jewish identy and connuity and will strengthen their commitment to the community; to enrich the children with formal and informal classes and workshops that will inspire them to invest and succeed in their studies and in the rest of their lives; to provide the youth and children with experienal and inspiring exhibits, acvies and clubs, in order to smulate them to further learn and explore their Jewish identy.


The programs planned for the new center:

• A Jewish kindergarten composed of three age groups, that teaches Jewish heritage and values
• A lecture hall and several specially designed classrooms, that will host the Jewish heritage and tradion classes and lectures for students, teenagers and children – and the youth and children's clubs
• An extended Jewish museum, that will include the exhibits of the current museum and an addional wing focusing on interacve state of the art exhibits for children
• Enhancement classes, private tutoring and therapy for children needing special and professional assistance for a wide variety of problems
• Addional space for the growing Sunday school 'Tolerance Center'
• The enhancement classes for children and adults in topics such as Hebrew, Yiddish, English, graphic design and computers