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Size: 1,590 sqm
Date of completion: 2015

 The proposed project's vision is to provide the youth and children of Novosibirsk with Jewish values and morals that will insure their personal Jewish identy and commuity and will strengthen their commitment to the community; to provide the children with excellent Jewish and general educaon; to enrich the children with informal classes and workshops that will inspire them to invest and succeed in their studies and in the rest of their lives.



The programs planned for the new center:

• Establishing a large educaonal campus that will include classrooms, labs, libraries, a gym, dining room and kitchen, multi-purpose hall, indoor and outdoor playing grounds etc.
• Enlarged Jewish day school and kindergartens
• Enrichment classes and workshops in Jewish heritage and tradion and general topics
• Private tutoring, therapy and assistance for children with difficules
• Summer day camp for both affiliated and unaffiliated children
• Acvies and gatherings for children in preparaon for and during and holidays