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Yedidia Hasin, T. Arch Engineer, Principal

Has been practicing architecture since 1998 and gained extensive knowledge and experience in design construction and project management of synagogues, Mikveh and community centers predominantly in the eastern bloc during the past decade. Yedidia has been acting as the chief planner on behalf of the philanthropic foundation of Mr. Lev Leviev and the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. Prior to establishing Hasin Dvorachek Architects, Yedida served as the chief planner for Glasssteel, specializing in planning complex glass and steel structures. He has taken part in planning the hall of names in Yad Vashem, numerous train stations, office building and façades. Yedidia lives in Kfar Chabad, married to Yifat and father to Dudi, Yishai, Miri, Eli and Ariel.

Tomer Dvorachek, B.arch, Principal

Graduated the City College in New-York with Bachlor of architecture. Tomer worked as project architect with Handel Architects leading numerous large scale housing complexes in Manhattan and elsewhere in the US. Tomer has gained experience in planning communities and residential towers on riverbanks, hotels, media facilities and private houses. Tomer lives in Shoham, married to Sigal and father to Shira, Ori and Avigail.

Miryam Shnaider, T. Arch Engineer

Miryam has joined the office at 2011 and leads various public and residential projects. Prior to joining the firm Miryam worked for Form Studio and various other architects.

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Ana Bezrukov
Nechami Gutman
Aner Ben Yeauda
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